A F T E R   S C H O O L

Every child deserves the opportunity to learn, engage and have fun with relevant content. Our project-based learning approach helps children experience the real-world application of STEM with tangible results, career connections and learning that’s fun and comprehensive. Generation Infocus’s core program is comprised of project-based STEM focused activities. The core program also includes homework/tutoring, an infusion of STEAM education which adds the “A” for arts, fitness and choice time. Our STEM focused activities remove frustrating barriers that students experience within the four STEM content areas by integrating them into an enriching, fun and cohesive learning program. Inclusive monthly clubs such as Girls/Boys Infocus and public speaking are offered. As a part of our core program, we also offer a STEM career highlight program where STEM college students and working professionals come out to enthuse and inspire students about the importance of STEM. They also support the students through fun STEM projects and educate them on possible career paths that are available.

Girls Infocus: Over the past thirty years, women around the world have made exceptional contributions to the work force. However, despite these advances, women continue to be underrepresented in the fields science, technology, engineering, and math. To increase the advancement and desire of young girls to pursue careers in  STEM, GI hosts a free monthly girls club. In this club we solve STEM challenges, learn specifically about women working in STEM fields, and the value that their work has added to our society. Girls Infocus RULES!
Boys Infocus: GI wants to raise the awareness of STEM career opportunities to boys as we host a free monthly boys STEM club. Boys will solve STEM challenges, learn about male STEM contributors, while encouraging them to be well rounded gentlemen. Boys Infocus ROCKS!

We do not charge families extra to receive STEM learning opportunities, this is the standard that every child receives. However, as an added bonus we do offer paid electives that further enhance our robust after school programs such as yoga, martial arts, music, and foreign languages. STEM immersion focused electives such as robotics and advanced science are also offered. School leaders and parents are welcomed to request that GI runs special electives such as chorus. The addition of electives creates powerful learning opportunities that enhance student success. Sample Electives: Martial Arts, Yoga, Music, Jewelry Making, Robotics, and more!


Generation Infocus provides elective classes for students GI will open three additional STEAM elective class learning lab program sites. Our elective studio learning elective classes run 1-5 days per week for 1 hour in the areas of pre-med, fashion/wearable technology, coding, robotics, drama, dance, video production and more.

STEAM Studio Classes

S C H O O L   B R E A K   S E S S I O N S

Generation Infocus is happy to offer school break sessions for public, charter, and year round schools. GI knows that when children have multiple breaks during the school year, parents do not have those same breaks from work and still need a secure and safe place for their children. GI provides fun and active break sessions that are structured; where fun days of learning are encouraged. Fitness, STEM fun, and good old fashion social time are our ingredients for our school break session success.

S U M M E R   C A M P   2 0 1 7



Come join us for our STEAM in Action Summer Camp Extravaganza. In this program your students will experience several of our different courses from Water Robotics, Wearable Technology, Vegan Chef, and more. Click the button next to your school name to register now!

Location: Heards Ferry Elementary School

6151 Powers Ferry Rd NW, Sandy Springs, GA 30339

Summer Camp Hours: 7:30am – 2:00pm
Extended Care Hours: 2:00pm – 6:00pm
Cost: $199 per week
Cost for Extended After Care: $80 per week
Cost for Drop-In’s: $60 per day

Pay for Summer Camp

Summer Camp Tentative Schedule

Weeks: May 29th and July 14th

Week 1: Water Robotics & Marine Science

Week 2: Food Science/Vegan Chef & Artistic Design

Week 3: CSI

Week 4: Environemental Engineering

Week 5: Wearable Tech

Week 6: Star Wars & Aerospace

Week 7: Musical Theatre & Video Production


H O M E   S C H O O L   E N R I C H M E N T

Home schooling provides parent with the freedom of choice. The power to choose what you believe is best for your child’s education is paramount. The choice to give them an active educational balance that fosters social skills and exposure to STEM hands-on activities is needed in the 21 century to keep them competitive. We provide students and parents with the opportunity to engage in a meaningful community of home schoolers. With a weekly schedule of planned activities and electives within your community, your child will meet new friends and learn new skills. Parents also will benefit from networking with other home schooling parents.

S T E A M   S A T U R D A Y S


Generation Infocus offers free fun hands-on STEM Saturday workshops for children in K-8 grade throughout various locations in the metro Atlanta area.

Volunteer Support

As we host free STEM Saturdays we are always in need of STEM professionals that are interested in sharing hands-on activities with our children. The exposure to various STEM careers is very valuable to every child. Please call and place your company or yourself as an individual on our volunteers list. We also need supplies and free building space for 15 children. Please contact us if you are able to give the gift of supplies, building space, and volunteer support to run our free programs. We thank you in advance!
Stay Tuned, Events Schedule Coming Soon!


Our community engagement programs enhance the desire of communities to enact social change and increase human performance through STEAM learning opportunities. Community engagement programming moves communities towards being aware of the challenges we face at home in our own communities as well as abroad and moves communities to recognize STEAM knowledge as a conduit to solving challenges that secure positive change. Our four programming areas that support community engagement are as follows:

GI will come out to schools and spruce up any curriculum night through hands-on minds-on learning opportunities that afford parents the opportunity to engage in activities with their children while learning about Common Core Standards and Next Generation Science Standards as aligned to the traditional school day.

Community members (children and adults) enjoy a night of hands-on minds-on STEAM activities. GI will bring together community businesses and organizations to create a night of magic in which multiple STEAM stations are set up for persons to mill around the room and enjoy various learning opportunities.

GI will provide STEAM fun hands-on minds-on learning activities as a form of social and emotional therapy to the elderly in nursing homes, community centers, libraries, etc. Our STEAM hands-on activities contribute to active mental stimulation, eye hand coordination and increased social and emotional well being that enhances positive feelings of life fulfillment. 

GI will provide in home STEAM therapy sessions to families that are experiencing family challenges and receive services through support assistance programs. STEAM therapy is an excellent social, emotional and learning programming tool that engages children and families in fun therapeutic activities that relieve stress and enhance learning opportunities that may move persons towards positive change with a new found desire to attain a STEAM college degree through hands-on minds-on career exposure. The possibilities are limitless!


Call us today for a free STEAM consultation to determine your programming needs.