Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta


Fashion & Wearable Technology


Generation Infocus invites tinkering girls and boys to participate in the fashion design/wearable technology STEAM studio to learn how Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics all can be used to transform the things we wear. This design-based studio will immerse students in the mathematical concepts surrounding garment engineering and how circuitry can be incorporated into clothing to make them light up! Students will learn the basics of hand and machine sewing to be equipped to engage in garment construction challenges such as creating a superhero themed e-textile cuff.

Veterinary Medicine


Students will explore the wonderful world of veterinary science by dissecting the lives animals through project based learning activities. Students will learn how to analyze testing samples, learn essential techniques for maintaining animal health and complete a fun challenge that promotes the safety of animals. This is a great class for students who have a passion for science and/or a love for animals.