• How do I get my child registered?

    Visit the “Locations” tab and select your school/organization site. If you scroll down, there will be a link to both the Registration Form and the Parent Handbook. Click the link and it will direct you to our registration portal.

  • How soon can my child start after I register them?

    After you have completed registration and you . If your child has an alternative method of dismissal, you will need to contact the school to get it changed so that they can stay for after school.

  • I have a large group that I would like to register. Is there a way that I can avoid having to register them all individually?

    Our registration system will allow you to register up to 8 people at once; however, we will need the names and information for each parent and child in the group during registration.


  • How much does it cost to enroll my child?

    There is a $35 registration fee for after school.

  • How much does Generation Infocus charge for their programming

    Our program prices vary. To find out more about pricing, please check the specific location your child attends.

  • How do I pay?

    All payments are done online or your locations. On each site location, there will be a link that says “Click Here to Pay for_______”. Click the link and it will take you to our store for your location where you can make your payment.

  • Can my child start the program and I pay later?

    Since Generation Infocus services are prepaid, we require registration and service fees to be paid 48 hours prior to the rendering of services.

  • I need to make my monthly payment in person. Is this possible?

    Yes! If your child is enrolled in afterschool, please deliver a check or money order made payable to Generation Infocus to the Site Director at your school. Please be mindful of the payment due dates and ensure that even on site payments are made prior to the deadline.


  • Will I receive a discount for registering more than one of my children for the program?

    Yes! There is an option within the payment portal for parents who are registering multiple children. For more than one student, the registration price is $50.

  • Is there a scholarship/discount available for parents who need additional assistance paying for child care?

    Yes! We accept scholarship applications from our after school parents. Please contact your locations Site Director for more information.

  • I have registered my child for every Generation Infocus program offered for the last three years. Is there a discount code available for recurring registrants?

    No. There is not currently a discount offered.


  • What will my child be doing during After school?

    Generation Infocus after school programs consist of snack, homework time, STEAM activity and active play/gym/outside time.

  • Where is the afterschool program located?

    After school takes place right at your child’s school.

  • What exactly are my children learning in their STEAM elective?

    Please browse our most recent catalog for more information on our studio classes: Click Here

  • I am a teacher and I am interested in getting Generation Infocus’ programming into my school. How would I go about doing this?

    We love new partnerships! Please reach out to us at for more details on how to get Generation Infocus into your school!

  • I am looking to host a STEM/STEAM based community event, can Generation Infocus help?

    Absolutely! You can reach out to us at for more details on how to get Generation Infocus in your community!

  • Does Generation Infocus run programs during the school day?

    Generation Infocus will create a hands-on, minds-on STEAM Labs program within schools. Our STEAM Labs provide an opportunity for teachers to implement our curriculum map in their respective schools. For more information contact us at 404-525-5561 or by email at